Firefly 10
The Firefly 10 is developed to support lighting products having 1-10W solar panels.

The converter has specifically been optimized for a very high efficiency in the low power range for the PV-to-Battery conversion mode making the system an efficient energy harvester even at cloudy days, and in partially shaded positions.

Firefly 50
The Firefly 50 is for larger lamps having 10-50Wp PV panels. During the day, the Firefly 50 converts the solar power and charges its internal battery. When day is over and sunlight stops, the stored energy is delivered suitable to drive a series of LED’s.

The Firefly 50 keeps track of the energy harvested during the day and sets a sufficient LED current to spend as much energy as possible being able to illuminate the entire night.

Download the Firefly 50 Flyer