NORDIC FIREFLY provides intelligent electronic devices that can store solar energy and reuse it to light up the night. Our technology is so efficient that lamps can work even in periods with limited daylight and long winter nights. Thus, “WE TRANSFORM DAYLIGHT INTO LED LIGHT”.

With a unique conversion efficiency that exceeds 96% it is possible to create new reliable solar based light products with maximized LED light output using smaller solar panels and smaller batteries.

Built-in intelligence ensures smart operation of all functions and allows individual adaptation and communication to various lighting products.


NORDIC FIREFLY wants to contribute to the development of sustainable, well-designed and reliable lighting products of high quality based on solar energy and efficient LEDs. This type of lighting products work independently of the grid, can be placed everywhere and contributes in making our surroundings more beautiful and safer to stay in.

NORDIC FIREFLY is looking for companies interested in the technology, and we are eager to collaborate closely in designing the right technical solutions for unique lighting products with world class potential.

We focus on sustainability, design, reliability, ease of use and state-of-the-art technology.


NORDIC FIREFLY offer off-the-shelf CE approved electronic systems that can be used as key building blocks for high quality solar driven lighting products. For lighting manufacturers we offer standard solutions in large quantities at the right price.

For project sales and new innovative lighting solutions, we provide state-of-art expertise in the development of fully functional electronic systems for solar driven lighting including solar panel, battery and LED modules.

Are you interested in our products or services? Please give us a call or send a mail for more information.


Take a look at some of the cases were Nordic Firefly technology has enabled off-grid lighting:


NORDIC FIREFLY A/S is a spin-out company from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). NORDIC FIREFLY is founded on DTU patented technology and deep technical knowhow regarding development of efficient power electronics for solar panels, batteries and LEDs.

NORDIC FIREFLY IVS was founded in 2017 and has evolved in to NORDIC FIREFLY A/S along with a capital investment from Sparekassen Sjælland A/S as a co-owner.

NORDIC FIREFLY has received initial proof-of-concept funding from DTU, was selected and participated in the hardware tech company accelerator program Danish Tech Challenge and has received the Danish Innovation Fund’s innobooster grants.

The company is located in DTU Risø’s entrepreneurial incubator environment DTU Link with access to office space, development, testing and production facilities. We have a close collaboration with the researchers at DTU Department of Photonics Engineering and DTU Department of Electrical Engineering.


Jørgen Kejlberg

Rasmus Ploug

Stefan Penter
Senior software architect

Torben Arnth Nielsen
Board chairman